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  • Analysis and Structure of Reinsurance Programs: There is a wide variety of Reinsurance Programs that will protect a portfolio, but the choice of one of them shall fulfil the  insured´s specific needs. Analysis and or/structuring of the  programs in force with the aim of covering the current Insured´s needs as well as adapting them to the present day market.
  • Reinsurance Operations Data Administration Support: We rely upon a highly qualified team of professionals with cutting-edge technological tools to guarantee the adequate administration of the different automatic and facultative contracts the Insured shall use. 
  • Portfolio Valuation in case of Contracts cut-off: We rely upon  knowledge to develop an adequate valuation, as well as its corresponding impact analysis that this end of contract has on the Insured.
  • Assets  Dynamic Analysis and  the Reinsurance Impact it suffers: Daily analysis in order to optimize the own assets use and the Insured´s  premiums amount. 
  • Brokerage: Reinsurance Contracts placement and administration in the most important International Reinsurers.


  • Training Programs: Training Programs Developed  according to the  raised up needs. They can be developed in Argentina as well as in situ. We have developed this service for Insurance Companies as well as for regulatory  agencies of Latin American countries.