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Operational Processes

We assist in those processes directly related to the subject of your Business:

Commercial Management:

  • Management with the different government departments, producers associations, etc.
  • Survey of the agricultural sector structure and farm insurance market.
  • Development of the insurance coverage plans.
  • Rating of each cover provided.
  • Formulation of the contractual Conditions demanded by the control authority.
  • Commercial structure design and definition of the distribution channel (agents, banks, etc.)
  • Formulation of products manuals.
  • Training for officers, banks, contract farming and clients about products, claims assistance, etc.

Subscription, Emission and release:

  • Administrative subscription and issue circuit design.
  • Formulation of the subscription manuals.
  • Technical and administrative support for the subscription of risks.
  • Data delivery for insurance issuing.
  • Contract and administration of providers for field inspections.
  • Training for the engineer assessor to carry out the prior inspections.



  • Contract assessor team.
  • Valuation Procedures and manuals design.
  • Training of the assessor team.
  • Decide on the logistics to notify the valuations and deliver the reports.
  • Decision of the compensations and data delivery for the settlement of claims.


  • Counselling about the different collection modes.


Additional Support processes

We advise those structural processes and / or support from the areas that are provided to the Business Service.

  • Purchases and Contracts: specifying the need, supplier evaluation and award (eg. Appraisers).
  • IT systems: support, design and maintenance.
  • Legal: legal framework, updating and implementation.
  • Administrative Services: collections, payments, treasury.
  • Human Resources: selection, management and staff training.
Direction Processes

We assist in those processes that allow the Department to provide the main guidelines for the organization, defining and monitoring Objectives and Goals:

  • Quality Policy of the Organization.
  • Quality Manual.
  • Review Organization.
  • Target Identification and Tracking.
Management Quality processes

We assist in those processes that ensure the quality of the management and ensure continuous improvement.

  •  Definition and control of the Management System.
  • Products quality.
  • Steady development.
  • Definición de Normas de auditorías para suscripción, emisión y gestión de siniestros.
  • Contratación de los auditores.